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The project cycle we follow to deliver a website that works for you.

Identification of Goals

This is our requirement gathering stage where we work with you to identify and understand your needs, goals, and expectations. 

Strategy Development

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will develop an effective strategy for delivering satisfactory results, taking into consideration your business goals, and customer experience. At this stage, we will brainstorm and consult with your team. 

Design Cycle
Design and Implement

Our WordPress website developers will creatively and meticulously bring your website to life, from scratch to perfection. We implement all relevant functionality, pay attention to the tiniest details and concentrate efforts on producing a unique and professionally designed website that aligns with your business requirement.

Thorough Testing

At this stage, we test your website against different devices and with selected prospective customers to ensure that they enjoy a seamless user experience. We will double-check all links, check for design mistakes and thoroughly access the website with you to make certain that we have fulfilled all your needs. 

Website Launch

Your website goes live, and your business begins to win on the internet. SSGC Online will continuously provide reliable support and maintenance to improve your website performance and elevate your business. 

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