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Get more traffic, convert more leads and rise above the competition with professional SEO services from SSGC online. 

We are a local SEO agency providing personalised SEO solutions that boosts small businesses online presence. 

Professional SEO services that deliver unmatched opportunities for unlimited business growth.

SEO studies reveal that for every search, Google’s first page receives up to 92% total web traffic, with the top result capturing 33% of this traffic. Meaning, by appearing on the first page and top result on Google, your business will experience increased website traffic, higher exposure, leads, clicks and conversion. 

At SSGC online, our goal is to deliver quality local SEO services by following SEO best practices and implementing white hat SEO strategies that increase your website’s visibility, build brand authority and generate consistent revenue for your business. Through a mindful combination of strategic solutions and innovative tools, we aim to push small and medium-sized businesses high above their competitors and position them for sustainable growth. 

 Our expertise allows us to merge comprehensive research with professional content creation, marketing, on-page & off-page optimization and transparent reporting to deliver performance-driven SEO solutions that align with your business needs and goals. 

By taking the time to understand your needs, we develop and implement custom solutions that not only increase website traffic and placements on SERPs but also improve your bottom line.

As a local SEO company committed to your success, we provide a range of affordable SEO services designed to deliver reliable, satisfactory results in quick turnaround time.  Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or an eCommerce store, our local SEO services will help your business reach more customers, increase revenue and drive growth by increasing your visibility in organic search. From high intent keyword research and targeting, to strategic content marketing, professional citation management, and review management, we will position your local business for exploits. 

The performance-driven SEO strategy we follow to move your business from the bottom to the top of organic search.

  • SEO StrategyIn-Depth website audit: This is where we begin. Our in-house SEO specialist takes the time to critically analyse your website from design down to functionality and user experience. We will identify areas that need improvement and determine salient factors that will hinder or boost your website’s performance on search. This SEO audit will form the basis for building an operative SEO strategy for your business. 
  • Extensive research: From competitor keyword research to industry research, and competitor keyword analysis, we will conduct research into your business, and industry to discover new opportunities for marketing and growth. 
  • Content analysis, creation and optimisation: Content is the fuel that drives search engine optimisation. To gain visibility in organic search, your website must contain high-quality SEO content that answers the queries users enter into search engines. At SSGC local SEO agency, our expert copywriters provide professional content writing services to target and reach your qualified audience and guide them through the different stages of your marketing funnel. Our writing service includes creating and optimising blog posts, articles, web content, marketing materials, images etc., to meet your business needs and boost ranking. If you already have your content ready, our team will happily analyse your content and enhance it for search engines. 
  • On-page optimisation: From ensuring fast load time, responsiveness, well-formatted content and straight forward navigation, to embedding title tag modifiers, optimising URL and images, and strategically placing calls to action and a range of other factors, our SEO specialist will use results-driven on-page SEO strategies to optimise your website and boost your rankings in SERPs. 

There are no limits to the success you can achieve with search engine optimisation. Please take a look at the work process we follow to deliver solutions that let your business grow with confidence. 

  • Consultation  
  • Analysis
  • Planning 
  • Execution 
  • Results 

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