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With a user-friendly design and strategically placed calls to action, SSGC Online will demonstrate your unique selling point to your target audience, drive conversions and maximise returns on your marketing investment.

Here is how we will make this happen! 

Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional WordPress Website Creation

Here, we marry UI (User Interface) with UX (user experience) to deliver beautiful websites with a seamless user experience that represent your brand, secure the attention of leads, improve conversion rate and customer retention, as well as boost SERP rankings.  

Website Navigation

Straightforward navigation eliminates confusion and gives leads quick access to what they need. We know that the average prospective customer spends less than 1 minute on your site, hence we implement user-friendly navigation that suits your needs, minimises bounce rate and improves conversion.

Responsive, User-Friendly Web Design

Our professionally designed websites are desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly to ensure that your target audience enjoys smooth user experience regardless of their device. With well-formatted content, fast load time and effective navigation, we improve website usability and maintain optimum performance. 

Sophisticated, Scalable Web Design

From integrating premium plugins and the best email marketing tools, to social media, marketing analytics and SEO tools, SSGC Online delivers a high performing website that keeps you on top of your game. We keep your website secure and scalable so that user experience is not disrupted as your business grows. 

Compelling Calls to Action

Strategically placing calls to action (CTAs) that encourage leads and customers to complete the required action is one of our core web design strengths here at SSGC Online. From lead generation to purchasing, social sharing and service delivery, we will effectively structure and position CTAs that help you accomplish your goals. 

Ready to see how a professionally designed website can convert leads to sales, improve your revenue and give you a competitive edge? Choose SSGC Online now and allow us to be a part of your success story. 

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