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Website Makeover

Optimise conversion with affordable website redesign services.

Are your competitors more visible than you on search?

Is your website attracting customers but not converting them to sales?

Does your website repel prospective customers?

It’s time for a website makeover!

Let SSGC online deliver professional website redesign services that will increase traffic to your website and uncover new opportunities for business growth.

At SSGC online, we help your business grow with affordable website redesign services by revamping your current website from the ground up to improve its performance, appearance, and usability while optimising it for conversion as well as search engines.

We do this by reviewing your current website to discover areas that aren’t performing at scale and then presenting and implementing useful solutions that will not only increase traffic to your website but also improve your revenue and brand authority.

With almost all businesses going online, your website is the first visual representation of your business. As your most crucial business tool, it serves as a sales pitch and your most effective marketing channel. Hence, it is essential that your website not only performs as expected but is relevant to your customers and business while delivering a satisfying customer experience.

Professional website redesign services with a focus on improving your business outcome

At SSGC online, our website redesign services are designed to make your website more visible, receptive to new and repeat customers and ultimately improve your bottom line. Be it eCommerce, business or personal website; we provide custom website redesign services that go beyond aligning with your unique business needs and brand. We help your business grow and uncover new opportunities for increasing traffic and maintaining competitiveness.

As a full-service website design agency, we know that your website needs to be liked by google and relevant to your customers in order to increase traffic to your website. We provide affordable website redesign solutions that enhance your business, improve customer experience and search engine rankings. Here is what our website redesign services include.

  • Custom web design with WordPress: Whether you are rebranding, updating your services and products or looking to improve your website’s overall appearance, SSGC online can use WordPress to redesign your current website to suit your needs. With WordPress, we build from scratch, taking the time to align your website with your goals and expectations and integrate all the features and functions that you desire. With our custom website redesign service, we deliver a fresh, competitive, and aesthetically pleasing website that is both functional and optimised for Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).
  • Responsive, user-friendly websites: If customers find it difficult to access your website, navigate through it and get what they need, then it’s time to contact SSGC online for a complete website makeover. All our website redesigns are responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop devices, easy to navigate and optimised for your users.
  • Conversion optimised websites: Our website design services feature well-formatted content, fast load time and smooth UI/UX integration, including strategically positioned Calls to Action (CTA’s) that help increase traffic to your site and improve your revenue. By integrating premium features and functions that ensure optimum performance and usability, we deliver exceptional website redesigns that diminish bounce rates, improve conversion and customer retention.
  • Content development and local search engine optimisation: When you decide to carry out a website redesign, your ultimate goal is to make your website more visible, gain brand authority and increase conversion. And all these cannot be achieved without professional content development and SEO. At SSGC online, we are a local SEO specialist agency with an emphasis on professional content creation. Our website redesign services include producing optimised content that fuels your marketing goals, satisfies your business requirements and gives you a competitive edge on search. Along with content development, we provide local search engine optimisation to increase traffic to your new website, generate leads and increase conversion rate. Kindly see our SEO page to learn more about our local search engine optimisation service. 

SSGC online is particular about helping your business uncover new opportunities for growth, and this is why we provide a complete suite of affordable website redesign services. 

Here is the website redesign cycle we follow to deliver a website that works for you.

  • Redesign CycleAudit: After discussing your business needs and goals, we will review your current website to discover the areas that need improvement. Our findings will inform our redesign strategy. 
  • Strategise: We will work with you at this stage to create a roadmap for delivering a website that will satisfy your business requirement and be relevant to your customers. 
  • Design: This is where we put pen to paper, combine expertise with skill and carefully build your website from the ground up. With concentrated attention to details and emphasis on user experience, we will produce a competitive website that looks great, functions properly and gives your business an all-round boost. 
  • Relaunch: Your website goes live after rigorous testing and SSGC online continues to deliver support and maintenance for consistent business growth.

Are you still wondering why you should choose SSGC online for your affordable website redesign? Here are six reasons why you should give us a call now.

  • We deliver custom websites only; designed to suit your needs and with your customers in mind
  • We are ROI focused.
  • We provide a full spectrum of website redesign services, content creation and search engine optimization
  • We are reliable; we provide ongoing support
  • Fully transparent processes, no hidden fees and we update you with our progress
  • We guarantee your absolute peace of mind with regular maintenance and updates

Ready to get a high performing website that works while you sleep? Contact SSGC online now for a complete website makeover. We are confident that we will meet your expectations.