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Improving SEO

What is Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, provides value to a brand. It improves your brand’s visibility. Organic search is a critical component of a website’s success. It plays a vital role in the sales process too. This method is what ultimately converts visitors to potential consumers.  

There’s more to this strategy than driving organic traffic. It helps you detect what your viewers are searching for and monetise it. Enhance your user experience. Make your brand credible. Use this to create a strong foundation for your website. Then make yourself discoverable in search engines. 

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Now that you know the potential for using this strategy let’s see how it works. 

So, what is Search Engine Optimisation? 

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, makes you relevant. This process improves your website’s visibility. It places your brand in relevant searches. You get to enjoy an increased volume of traffic through organic searches. The more visible you are, the more customers you get. 

You may get visitors from all over the world. Just meeting the numbers isn’t enough, though. You want visitors who are genuinely interested in your services. Only then can your business strive. With SEO, interested parties stumble upon your website through search engine results.

How does it work? 

Search engines use bots (or crawlers) to scour the web. They collect data from pages and index them. Their algorithm analyses these pages considering all the potential ranking factors. Finally, they determine the order in which the pages will be ranked in search results. 

The list of links is tied with the keywords sought in the search engines. So, it’s important to optimise your website with relevant content. Many factors impact the final results. Content quality, website infrastructure, and user-friendliness are among a few. 

Once you assimilate with the workings of SEO, start applying the techniques to a site. Choose an SEO-friendly domain name. Fix the content. Your website isn’t complete until it has appropriate content. Make sure the markup helps search engines understand what your website is all about. 

The next thing you need to master is anchor text and redirection. Whether you’re an old brand or new, this will help you master link building and SEO. The landscape for these is constantly changing. It’s important to know this to execute quality online campaigns.  

Hyperlinks help users navigate between different pages. Search engines use these links to crawl the web. This way, they cover multiple websites covering similar content in one run. So, if you manage to become proficient in this, your brand will stand out over the others. 

Why is SEO important for businesses?

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Digital marketing is a fundamental part of any business. SEO plays a crucial role. People conduct billions of searches every day. They want to find out information regarding products and services. This is the primary source of high-intent traffic. Businesses that don’t adapt accordingly find themselves at the bottom line. 

These searches have commercial intent. People want to see what your brand has to offer. Search engines look for pages that contain information relevant to the queries. The algorithm evaluates the quality of pages by looking at keywords, ranking signals, and the number of other websites that link to your page.  

You’ll be surprised to know that around 91% of the pages on the internet are invisible. SEO is the secret. If you don’t utilise the right keywords, then you won’t get any organic searches. They’re more effective than social media. It helps generate more revenues, too, because it has better conversion rates.


You need to determine what you’re actually optimising for. Identify what people are searching for that is relevant to your product or service. The volume matters. If people are searching for a given keyword, utilising that will help you reach a larger audience. 

The wrong keyword and domain won’t drive traffic to your website. Pinpoint your prospective customers. Start by creating a seed list of terms. Elaborate on those terms by using keyword research tools. Compare with other competitive keywords. Use Search Engine Optimisation to place your brand at the top ranks! 

Here at SSGC online we can help convert your site visitors to potential consumers through using Search Engine Optimisation.