Why your business needs a website not just a Facebook page

Why your business needs a website, not just a Facebook page – do you still need a website when your Facebook business page is active and buzzing? This is a question most small business owners have.

No doubt, Facebook, with its sophisticated features, presents a powerful platform for small businesses to reach, connect and engage with new and existing customers. However, a Facebook page shouldn’t form the entirety of your digital marketing strategy; neither should it replace the need for a business website.

Successful marketing in our present-day tech society requires a solid online presence which cuts across diverse digital platforms, including your website, and social media. Deciding on where to spend the most of your marketing time and effort is essential as you map out your digital marketing strategy.

Your small business website is more than an asset to your business; it is your most effective marketing tool that drives significant business growth when added to a Facebook page. Regardless of your business size, a successful digital marketing strategy should feature a brilliant combination of your business website and social media – your Facebook page in order to reach your specific target audience.

Website + Facebook

In this article, I have put together five reasons why your business needs a website and not just a Facebook page.

You can’t reach all of your target audience on Facebook

Over 7.5billion people worldwide and only 2.7billion of them use Facebook actively every month. A 2019 Facebook demographics report by Sproutsocial shows that the older generations are increasingly using Facebook while a significant number of millennials and Gen Xers have either deleted their accounts or refused to use the platform.

This means that not all your target audience uses Facebook, and there is an alarming number of prospects you are missing out on if you decide to focus all your marketing efforts on a Facebook page. More than this, there is no guarantee that your target audience even if they are on Facebook, will see and interact with your posts or business because they need to like your page first. 

You need a website for SEO

Google SEO
Search Google for specific Keywords

When you are looking for a local service provider, your first point of call is search engines, not Facebook. That is the same way searchers go to Google to search for specific keywords that help them find what they need. And as a small business, except if a prospective client knows your brand name, it is improbable that they will find your Facebook business page.

However, your website allows you to optimise and easily rank for keywords relevant to your service offerings, thereby making it easy for customers to find your business on search. Even though Facebook pages are sometimes indexed on google, results have shown that it is much harder to rank a Facebook page in SERPs than a website.

Your business website allows the business to be recognised by Google, allows you to optimise and promote specific service pages, and make the most of your marketing effort by reaching out to customers directly. Plus, in many cases, even if prospects find you on Facebook, they will most likely visit your website before patronising your business.

Your website is what gives your business credibility

As a small business, your website is what gives prospects the first impression of your business. If you want customers to trust you with their purchasing decision, invest in a professionally designed website. Your website is where you showcase your business, build trust and relationships. Unlike a predesigned Facebook page template with limitations, a professionally designed website that delivers a smooth user experience tells your customers that you mean business, sets you apart from the competition and provides answers to questions that customers may have.

You have no control over a Facebook page

Brand Identity

Even though Facebook allows you to customise your business page, there is a limit to what you can do. On Facebook, you can only tell your brand story the way Facebook allows you to. Your business page must retain the blue Facebook brand and essentially look like all other pages.

At the same time, your posts, offers, promotions, etc., must be subject to Facebook’s guidelines. But with your website it’s different. You stay in control of the experience that you deliver to your audience. You have the flexibility to tell your brand story the way you want, distinguish your business from the competition and present your services in the most engaging, and appealing manner.

Your website is a valuable business asset:

From lead generation to marketing, sales and data collection, your website is the most effective tool for running and growing your business. It can also serve as your most valued business asset if you ever have to sell your business. Unlike with a Facebook page, your website gives your business the content exclusivity it needs to retain its brand authority and distinctive image.

No doubt, Facebook business pages present fantastic opportunities for business development. However, its existence cannot substitute the need for a professional business website. With the constant updates and algorithm changes, you are in no control of your online presence if you rely solely on Facebook. Moreso, if you are in business for the long term, a business website is unarguably the best investment for sustainable business growth.

Get started by creating and maintaining a professional website that will amplify your marketing efforts and generate returns on your investment. Contact SSGC Online now to discuss a digital marketing strategy that works just for you.

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