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Why Regular Website Maintenance is Important

As a webmaster, you already know how important a website is for your online presence and business performance. But establishing an online presence doesn’t begin and end with building and launching a fantastic website. You need to carry out regular website maintenance to ensure optimum performance and sustain your business.

Whether it’s a service-based business or online store, your website is the public face of your business. It is the medium with which you reach and connect with customers all over the globe. Now imagine not caring adequately for such an important tool; you will not only lose potential customers, but you may stall business growth and ruin your credibility.

Here are 6 top reasons why you need regular website maintenance
Site security

1.         For site security: Whether it’s an online store or a service-based business, protecting customer data and ensuring the secure purchase of products is critical, especially with the prevalence of cyberattackers. Website software and Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc., utilize plugins and themes that are constantly updated. So, your website must run on the most up-to-date version at all times to ensure that the latest security patches and bug fixes are installed.

Regular website maintenance will shield your website from the malware that cyber hackers are always trying to upload to vulnerable websites. This malware can cause severe problems for your website and its visitors, which will, in turn, affect your business’ bottom line. While you cannot be 100% safe, regular website maintenance will help you identify loopholes and take measures to prevent security breaches before they occur.

2.         For optimum site performance: Your business website is an extension of your sales team. It is your most effective marketing channel, and to accomplish its duty of converting sales, it must perform at its best. Slow loading pages, broken links, contacts forms that no longer work, 404 pages, duplicate pages, and outdated content affect conversion rate. Also, CMS updates provide new features and functionalities that can affect your site’s performance and display if it isn’t up to date.

Without regular maintenance, how can you stay on top of these issues and deliver a satisfactory experience to your customers?

With website maintenance, you can quickly catch and tackle elements that slow your site down and increase your bounce rate. Website maintenance allows you to regularly update shareable content, keep your audience up to date with relevant business information and provide new visitors with a satisfactory user experience.

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3.         To protect your brand image and relationship with customers: The state of your business website says a lot about your brand. A poor-looking site with broken links, dead pages, outdated/ wrong contact information, and forms that do not work projects a terrible brand image to new visitors and existing customers. When customers begin to encounter problems on your site, they lose trust in your brand and move over to your competitors.

With hundreds of other businesses offering a similar service and product as you, the last thing you want to do is give your customers a reason to doubt your brand. While one customer might bring it to your attention that your contact form doesn’t work, the others might move straight to your competitor without batting an eye. Ensure that you give customers reasons to trust your business by maintaining and protecting your brand image with regular website maintenance.

Customer giving quality feedback

4.         To ensure customer satisfaction and retention: A regularly maintained website keeps existing customers interested in your business and attracts new visitors. By constantly updating your website with relevant, shareable content and improving user experience, you can drive new traffic, boost returning traffic and ensure client satisfaction. Remember that customer satisfaction births referrals, and repeat business. And your business needs that to thrive.

5.         For Search Engine Optimisation: A well-maintained site that loads fast, contains fresh, shareable content, is easy to use, and mobile-friendly has the potential to rank higher on search than an old, neglected site. This is because Google loves indexing new content that satisfies the evolving needs of its users. Ensuring that your content is up to date, optimised for mobile users, and fast will drive new traffic, boost returning traffic and improve your website’s ranking on search engine result pages. See our article on how to improve your website SEO.

6.         For backup: Business websites always contain a database of sensitive data and important files, all of which can be lost if there’s a server crash or cyberattack. Regular website maintenance involves backing up your website’s information frequently to prevent data loss, protect against hackers and restore you to your previous position in case of unexpected events.

How to carry out regular website maintenance
  • Regularly audit your site to check for broken links, dead pages, site speed, and other factors that impede its performance.
  • Frequently update interesting, shareable content, remove outdated information and improve existing content where necessary.
  • Regularly update your website’s design and functionality to suit the evolving website design trends and your audience’s needs.

Today, I encourage you to create and follow a website maintenance plan if you want to reach peak performance with your online business.

At SSGC online, we understand that keeping up with website maintenance can be overwhelming. So, we provide professional website maintenance services that allow our customers to focus on their core business while ensuring optimum site performance. Our goal as your local web design company is to keep your business secure while increasing cost savings. Regardless of size, our website maintenance plan will keep your website up and running and deliver lasting value for your business.

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