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5 Top Tips For Your Local Business Website

Do you know that 4 out of every 10 calls that I make to prospective local business clients begin with the question; do I still need a website when my Facebook page is active and buzzing?  Most local business owners still do not see the need for a business website.

I get it. Getting a website for your local business is a big deal; finding the best web design company to handle the job, cost, maintenance, and driving traffic can be a lot to take in. 

But not getting a website will cost you more in quality leads, conversions, and growth.

Apart from building credibility and being a valuable business asset, a website is your passport to reach customers in all corners of the globe.

It is your most effective marketing tool.

Your website continues where word of mouth ends.

Let’s say you provide massage services in your local area, but only during tourist seasons because, at that time, the crowds are bigger, and everyone is looking for a place to relax.

When it’s peak season, word of mouth can drive a massive number of sales for you. 

But what if you get a website, begin to find clients in your area who need your services, and stay booked all year round without waiting until its travel season? That’s what a website does for you.

It exposes your small business to possibilities it ordinarily wouldn’t reach with word of mouth, consequently making you more money.

Even during tourist season, customers will find your business online, book appointments before they travel, and come to you quickly. Now, business becomes visible to ideal clients, sales become easier, and business flourishes. It’s a triple win for you.

Today, platforms like WordPress and Wix have made it easy for everyone to create a business website by themselves quickly. However, a professionally designed business website will always beat a DIY project. So, I advise that you contact a professional website designer to help give your local business an online presence.

But whether you decide to do it yourself or employ the service of a professional, keep these 5 web design tips in mind and use them as a guide in building your website.

  • Follow web design best practices
  • Prioritize SEO
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Create and implement a good content strategy
  • Integrate social media

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Follow web design best practices

Want to see more customers at the door of your local business location? Invest in it, make your environment conducive and serve the value your customers need. The same thing applies to your business website. Your website is your digital storefront. What visitors see the first time they come across your website online will determine how they view your business. If you care about creating a great first impression, then implement the following website design best practices.

  • Create user-friendly design: Make it easy for website visitors to find what they need, and they’ll keep coming back. Use simple navigation, easy-to-read texts, attractive visuals, intuitive design that guides visitors and keep relevant information within reach.
  • Keep things clutter-free: Unnecessary popups, annoying ads, and irrelevant visuals should have no place on your website. The more organized your website is, the easier it is to secure your audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and earn their trust. Keep your website clean and straightforward at all times to enable visitors to feel comfortable, interact and trust your business.
  • Use white spaces: White spaces help ease the visitor’s journey through your website. Large walls of text, too many visuals, and design elements can disrupt concentration and make your visitors tired. Use white spaces to break things up and create a natural flow through your site.
Prioritise SEO

I have heard some businesses say SEO is not a concern or at the top of their digital marketing strategy, and it makes me wonder how big their growth plans are. Yes, SEO takes time, but the little steps you take from the beginning culminate and push your website to the top.

So, when designing your business website, make sure to design with SEO in mind.

Since Google announced mobile-first indexing in 2016, responsiveness became a huge ranking factor. They also announced their decision to use site speed as a metric for ranking websites in 2020. Meaning, if you are still bent on designing your website without considering these factors, you are doing your business a huge disservice.

In this article, I talked about 7 tried and true methods you can use to improve your website’s SEO. If you are serious about driving real growth for your local business, then make sure to implement those strategies from the web design stage.

Have a clear call to action

Think about the action you want visitors to perform when they land on your website, and try to communicate it to them in the best possible way with your design and layout. Your call to action should be direct, clear, and unique so that visitors do not get confused or ignore it.

During the design phase, make sure to use bold, attractive colours. It is good practice to use a colour that contrasts with the rest of your website to make it stand out. Then, strategically place the CTA button where visitors can easily find them. For instance, above the fold is always a great position.

Content strategy is important

How will your business website fulfill its purpose of increasing visibility and sales without content? Impossible! Content goes with design. Hence, you must create an operational content strategy that delivers your business value to the right customers.

Your strategy should include different types of content that give a clear description of what you do, sell your business, educate and engage your audience, and build a community.

From blog posts to infographics, whitepapers, guides, and case studies, make sure you use original relevant content that will improve your business’ visibility and drive growth.

Do not ignore social media

Because it serves diverse purposes, social media has become a vital part of growing every business. Use it to showcase customer testimonials, find new customers and build a community of active, buying customers.

To further maximize the benefits of social media, make sure to integrate your active social channels into your website so that customers can quickly follow up with your business and trust you better. Also, add a social share button to every blog post to enable visitors to share your content. This will help drive traffic, increase brand visibility and relevancy.

Failing to have a website in this day and age is cheating your business.

So, when you decide to make the big decision and invest in a business website, why not do it right the first time? Or make it better if you already got it wrong.

If you are looking for a web design company to help you get your local business online, feel free to contact us. We follow all web design best practices and build websites that deliver significant ROI quickly. If you are looking to redesign your DIY web design project, we can also help you get things right and improve your online business.

Contact us now, and let’s discuss the best web design solution for your local business.